Top 14 Visual Novels of 2021

In this article, we will dive into the top visual novels of 2021, highlighting titles that have captivated audiences with their deep narratives, striking visuals, and innovative gameplay elements. These games are not just about reading text on a screen; they are about experiencing stories in a way that only this genre can offer. From romance to mystery, fantasy to reality, each title on this list has contributed significantly to the evolving tapestry of interactive storytelling.

Top Visual Novels of 2021

1. Bustafellows

A captivating tale featuring Teuta, a journalist who can travel back in time into other bodies, trying to prevent a murder. It explores the dysfunctional nature of legal systems, vigilantism, and the meaning of crime and justice. A multi-faceted narrative that also allows dating anime-style characters.
Genres: Adventure, Mystery, Romance
Release Date: 2021
Tags: Time Travel, Journalism, Vigilante

2. Olympia Soirée

Olympia, taken from her home, must find a partner to continue her race. Set in a world where race is defined by color, it’s a complex narrative exploring societal pressures and the burden on women. It’s a thought-provoking take on traditional dating game tropes.
Genres: Adventure, Romance
Release Date: 2021
Tags: Color-Caste System, Societal Commentary

3. When The Night Comes

A fantasy dating sim from Lunaris Games, featuring community-driven storytelling. It showcases romance as a fun element of the adventure and includes diverse relationship models and open discussions on polyamory.
Genres: Fantasy, Romance
Release Date: 2021
Tags: Polyamory, Community-Driven

4. Therapy with Dr. Albert Krueger

Engage in a unique therapeutic experience with Dr. Albert Krueger. This interactive fiction takes you on an intriguing journey, blending psychological elements with a gripping narrative.
Genres: Psychological, Interactive Fiction
Release Date: 2021
Tags: Therapy, Mystery

5. Vincent: The Secret of Myers

A horror adventure visual novel with point-and-click elements. Dive into a world of mystery and terror as you uncover the secrets of Myers.
Genres: Horror, Adventure
Release Date: 2021
Tags: Point-and-Click, Mystery

6. Blooming Panic

Welcome to a vibrant server-based story where relationships and interactions bloom. A visual novel that offers an engaging and colorful narrative experience.
Genres: Romance, Social
Release Date: 2021
Tags: Server-Based, Relationships

7. Repurpose

An LGBT+ dating sim set in an afterlife where characters seek meaning and love. It’s a unique blend of romance and existential themes in a compelling setting.
Genres: LGBT, Romance
Release Date: 2021
Tags: Afterlife, Dating Sim

8. Starry Flowers

Two witch boys fall in love in this enchanting visual novel. A story of magic, romance, and self-discovery.
Genres: Fantasy, LGBT
Release Date: 2021
Tags: Witches, Love Story

9. Where The Demon Lurks

Embark on a dark and mysterious journey in “Where The Demon Lurks,” a visual novel that blends suspense with supernatural elements.
Genres: Horror, Supernatural
Release Date: 2021
Tags: Mystery, Dark

10. Purrgatory

A slice-of-death adventure where cats and the afterlife intertwine. Explore the concept of death in a unique and whimsical way.
Genres: Adventure, Fantasy
Release Date: 2021
Tags: Cats, Afterlife

11. Sweetest Valentine

Experience a Valentine’s Day like no other in this visual novel. Choose your date in a story that mixes romance with a hint of blood and mystery.
Genres: Romance, Mystery
Release Date: 2021
Tags: Valentine, Choice-Based

12. Student Union

A dark romance visual novel with deep impacts based on subtle choices. Explore themes of love and decision-making in a compelling narrative.
Genres: Romance, Drama
Release Date: 2021
Tags: Choices, Impactful

13. Off Day

A point-and-click visual novel about appreciating life’s little things. Experience a heartwarming story set in the everyday world.
Genres: Slice of Life, Point-and-Click
Release Date: 2021
Tags: Life, Heartwarming

14. John Doe

Work at a gas station in this unique visual novel. Uncover the mysteries and stories of the customers who come and go.
Genres: Mystery, Drama
Release Date: 2021
Tags: Gas Station, Everyday Mystery


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