About Us

Now that you’re here, why not find out a little more about where here is?

Ancient History

VisualNovels.com has been around since 2005. Webmasters and writers have come and gone, but our goal has always been simple – to promote, explore, celebrate, and hopefully help to expand the storytelling potential of the Visual Novel format.

Recent History

Once relegated to Japan – or to those who loved all things Japanese (like anime, manga) – Visual Novels have come into their own in the last few decades, taking their rightful place as a globally respected (by many at least, we still have work to do) storytelling format with its own unique benefits and quirks. Like fan fiction, doujinshi, and interactive fiction, Visual Novels have attracted both authors and readers who value freedom of speech and independent thinking.

The Future

The future looks bright for Visual Novels, as authoring tools, distribution methods, supportive communities, awareness of the format, and monetization methods continue to evolve.