Best Sites to Download Visual Novels

You will find all the best sites to download visual novels in this article so you don’t have to look anywhere else. Visual novels are very popular gaming options for people who want to add something to their reading hobby. These games give you a storyline to follow while also including original artwork and backgrounds, as well as plenty of sound effects to enhance your experience. While most readers discover visual novels on gaming sites that let you stream games online, there are plenty of options if you want to download your novels to read offline. It can be the best option if you enjoy reading on the train or save your progress so you can pick it up later. Here are the best sites to download your next visual novel. 

Here are list of the best sites to download visual novels:


IGG-Games is a very large site that lets you download anything you want from it. It’s a gaming site that brings you content from any genre you want and aggregates games from other platforms, such as torrent sites. That means you’re also going to get lots of pirated and cracked games on top of the large number of visual novels they have. Just be ready to deal with lots of ads since the site is free for everyone to use and download content. 


Lutris is a gaming site that focuses on Linux games, but they still have more than enough Windows games to make it worth your while. There’s a good mix of older games and newer ones and they offer downloads for everything. While some understanding of PCs is a great thing to have here, they tend to post detailed instructions on what you need to install and run the games on their pages. Many of them require Steam accounts, but not all of them. If you’re looking for visual novels, then this is a good resources to have while you search. 


SBenny has been around since 2014 and they offer something that a lot of visual novel download sites don’t. They take Android games and let you play them on your PC. All you need to do is follow the directions and you’ll be able to easily install any of the games they have for you. Most of the content they upload is from independent streaming sites so you can find lots of different genres. There’s also a large collection of adult orientated games that you can install and play whenever you feel like it. It takes away the biggest problem with playing them, which is the fact that you typically have to visit an adult site to get them. 


If you enjoy the erotic versions of visual novels, then you can check out ErogeDownload to get thousands of them. There are regular updates, and they have titles that you’ve most likely never come across before. The content comes from all over the world so you can expect to find plenty of subgenres to enjoy. Everything is organized alphabetically, which can make it tough to look for something new. They do, however, have a search bar if you know the name of something you want. 


Softonic is a site with a lot going on. They have articles, software, and personalization for your computer and games. There’s a very large section filled with visual novels that you can download to play on your PC and other platforms. Most of the files they have will have versions for mobile devices and Macs, which you don’t always come across on sites like this. There are also summaries of the games that you can read before you decide if you want to download something. They also have a rating system that any user can take advantage of to let other people know what they thought of their games. 


If you’re a fan of manga for your visual novels, then MangaGamer is a good resource for downloads. Keep in mind that this site also sells visual novels alongside the ones that it lets you download for free. It’s not difficult to know which section you’re looking at because everything is labeled and organized. There’s no DRM protection, though. If you pay for a game, then you can rest assured that you’ll always be able to play it without a connection to the internet. 

Nyaa Si 

Nyaa Si is a little different from the other entries because it’s a Torrent site rather than a direct hosting site. These Torrents can be downloaded to the app of your choice and taken from hosts all around the world. If you already have a program to download Torrents, then you can use it with this site. If you don’t, they’re very easy to get and set up on your computer. Most of the game files here are a little large, so you’ll want to have some space before you queue up a bunch of them and let them download. 


Finally, there’s VNDB. The initials stand for Visual Novel Database and that’s what the site manages to be. On top of the games you can download, they also have an active message board with lots of participants. There are lots of tags to browse through. They also have a section dedicated to visual novel discussions. This is where users can post their questions about specific novels. The userbase is very active with lots of posts and interaction. If you’re looking for a download site that can double as your visual novel community, then this is one to check out. 

Conclusion: Start Downloading Today 

There are plenty of sites that anyone can use to download visual novels. If you don’t like streaming them on other platforms, then it’s the best way to make sure you can still play the ones you enjoy. Some sites are dedicated to major games while others are solely there to get you independent works that you can’t find anywhere else. The sites you choose are up to you but it’s easy to download and install them on your computer or mobile device. There’s no reason to have to go without your visual novels, no matter where you are or what you’re doing.