Top 14 Visual Novels of 2015

The top visual novels of 2015 marked a year of significant milestones in narrative and artistic expression within the genre. This blog post celebrates the Top 14 Visual Novels of 2015, a year that was particularly notable for its diverse storytelling and innovative gameplay. These visual novels not only enchanted audiences with their immersive narratives and rich character development but also pushed the boundaries of interactive fiction. From emotionally charged dramas to intricate mysteries, each title in this selection stands as a testament to the creativity and depth of the genre in 2015. Join us as we revisit these compelling stories that continue to resonate with fans and newcomers alike.

Top Visual Novels of 2015

1. The Blind Griffin

‘The Blind Griffin’ is a visual novel set in the roaring twenties, blending elements of romance and magic in an era of prohibition and jazz.
Genres: Historical, Romance
Release Date: 2015
Tags: Prohibition, Jazz Era

2. Seduce Me the Otome

A romantic comedy visual novel centered around Mika Anderson, who finds herself entangled in the affairs of incubi, offering a blend of humor and supernatural romance.
Genres: Comedy, Supernatural
Release Date: 2015
Tags: Incubi, Romantic Comedy


‘VA-11 HALL-A PROTOTYPE’ is the original build of the cyberpunk bartender simulation game, offering a unique storytelling experience in a dystopian future.
Genres: Cyberpunk, Simulation
Release Date: 2015
Tags: Bartending, Dystopian

4. Nachtigal

‘Nachtigal’ is a dark otome game about vampires, where romance intertwines with the supernatural in a mysterious and thrilling narrative.
Genres: Otome, Horror
Release Date: 2015
Tags: Vampires, Dark Romance

5. Neofeud

A cyberpunk adventure visual novel, ‘Neofeud’ explores themes of class and power in a dystopian society through an engaging narrative.
Genres: Cyberpunk, Adventure
Release Date: 2015
Tags: Dystopia, Class Struggle

6. Dear Mariko

‘Dear Mariko’ is a visual novel that tells the story of a girl who comes home to find a mysterious letter, leading to an emotional journey.
Genres: Drama, Mystery
Release Date: 2015
Tags: Emotional, Letter Mystery

7. A Space for The Unbound – The Bridge –

This visual novel is a short story about a girl waiting for a boy, offering a heartwarming narrative set in a magical world.
Genres: Romance, Fantasy
Release Date: 2015
Tags: Magical, Heartwarming

8. Seduce Me 2: The Demon War

‘Seduce Me 2: The Demon War’ is the sequel to ‘Seduce Me the Otome’, where romance and a full-fledged World War intertwine in a dramatic narrative.
Genres: Romance, Supernatural
Release Date: 2015
Tags: Incubi, War

9. Amnesia: Memories

‘Amnesia: Memories’ is an otome game where a young woman with amnesia navigates complex relationships and uncovers the truth about her past and parallel universes.
Genres: Otome, Mystery
Release Date: 2015
Tags: Amnesia, Alternate Realities

10. Norn9: Var Commons

In ‘Norn9: Var Commons’, players can choose from three heroines, each with multiple suitor options, offering diverse perspectives and replayability in a rich narrative.
Genres: Romance, Adventure
Release Date: 2015
Tags: Multiple Protagonists, Choices

11. FLY : Forever Loving You (FR)

‘FLY: Forever Loving You’ is a French visual novel/otome game set in a high school, exploring themes of romance and friendship.
Genres: Otome, School Life
Release Date: 2015
Tags: High School, French Language

12. Siren for Hire

‘Siren for Hire’ follows the life of a superheroine who navigates the challenges of earning a living wage, blending action and everyday struggles.
Genres: Superhero, Slice of Life
Release Date: 2015
Tags: Superheroine, Daily Life

13. Innate Imperfections

‘Innate Imperfections’ is a GxG visual novel featuring an assassin tasked with protecting a college girl, combining elements of romance and action.
Genres: LGBT, Action
Release Date: 2015
Tags: Assassin, College Setting

14. Where Ages Go

A sweet otome game with a unique twist, ‘Where Ages Go’ offers a charming narrative about growing older and the passage of time.
Genres: Otome, Fantasy
Release Date: 2015
Tags: Time, Romance

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