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Who Invented Visual Novels? 

As we dive into the world of stories, we might wonder, ‘Who invented visual novels?’ This question leads us to explore the rich history of these interactive stories. Visual novels have been around since the 1980s and come in many different forms and iterations. They …

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Best Sites to Download Visual Novels

You will find all the best sites to download visual novels in this article so you don’t have to look anywhere else. Visual novels are very popular gaming options for people who want to add something to their reading hobby. These games give you a …

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Top Visual Novels of 2022

Mirror 2: Project X A story-driven game where you play as an FBRP agent protecting mankind from supernatural events. This game spans eight chapters and offers both story and challenge modes, blending decision-making with roguelike elements.– Genres: Supernatural, Story-Driven, Roguelike– Release Date: 2022– Tags: Supernatural, …

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